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ColourCure Countdown

29th July 2017

I have an admission to make - although, to those of you that know me, it will come as no surprise!

Ever since I have joined Jamberry, I have been ALL ABOUT DEM WRAPS. Those handy little wraps were the product I fell head over heels for - the injection of colour and fun in my life I never knew I needed until I needed it SO BAD.

What that has meant is that the other cool things that Jamberry have to offer haven't had much of a look in...

Never needed Nourish.
Tough luck, Trushine.
Get stuffed Stylebox!

Which is a bit daft really, because I'm probably doing you all a bit of a disservice as your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. I mean Jamberry Consultant. You guys might really like those things, but I don't talk about them at all.

And if I'm totally honest, I think that's because nothing else has excited me like the innovation and convenience of those little vinyl victories of fashion. That is, until we got the underground rumblings about a brand new product that was going to be introduced. On the 1st August 2017, Jamberry is launching ColourCure. Here's the low down from Jamberry HQ themselves:

"If you love the look and longevity of gel but crave the ease and speed of lacquer, you can get the best of both worlds with ColourCure. Enjoy the simplicity of a lacquer application and removal with the benefits of a gel-like high-shine, long-wear manicure or pedicure.

ColourCure curable lacquer is a new category creator - exclusively available from Jamberry. ColourCure combines the benefits of gel; long wear, durability, hardness, thickness, and shine, with the ease of removal and smooth application found with lacquer. Simply soak in nail polish remover for 3 minutes or less and wipe clean. Jamberry's ColourCure is a true transformation in the nail beauty category."

Do you know what that does? It completely blows most of my reasons for choosing wraps over lacquer EVERY TIME out the water. *Shakes fist at the wonderful, creative R&D folk at Head Office who had a hand in its conception*. So here I am, super excited and counting down the days until I can get my hands on ColourCure, and get ColourCure on my hands.