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At Home

Inclusive & Intimate

Experience the joy of hosting a Jamberry party in the comfort of your own home! Use whatever excuse you like - a pamper party, birthday party, hen do, even a "Mummy and me" kids party (Have you SEEN our Junior Jams?!). I will come to you and show you and your friends just how easy it is to apply our nail wraps, while you share some laughs and enjoy quality time with friends and family from the comfort of your home.


Cosy & Convenient

Don't feel like entertaining? Party in your pjs, or what ever you like really - your guests are free to do the same (and me too, my favourite part!). Arrange to meet your friends and family on Facebook at an agreed time, and just like an in home party I'll be right there with you to keep everything moving along and answer any questions. Because it's online, you can even party with people who live the on the opposite end of the country with ease!


Your hostess rewards come in three fabulous flavours, and you get them all:


Exclusive Wrap Designs

For Hostesses only! A fresh design every month, but depending on your party points you can earn several from just one party.


Product Credit

That's right; credit for you to splurge on everything on your wish list, with out the guilt!


Half-Off Items

Even more discount, and a great excuse to grab those latest best-selling Jamberry products you’ve been dying to try.

Whatever your style, I'd love to hear from you!

Even if you just don't have the time...

If you're not a party person, or you know your schedule is stacked but you don't want to wait forever to benefit from our awesome hostess rewards, you can also just gather orders on the go. Pop some catalogues in your bag or car, and as you go about your day drop one or two at each location - at your kids nursery, at work, leave one with your grandma.. Let them know you'll be taking orders and when you'll collect them, maybe in a week or so. This way the people you know don't miss out on our great products, and you can still cash in some great rewards.