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ColourCure Colour Range Increased

14th September 2017

So I've already mentioned my excitement for ColourCure, but I hadn't updated you since I managed to get my hands on it - and it on my hands!

These are a couple of my manicures with ColourCure. One is just the lovely golden Sea Meets Shore on every nail - simple, understated and classy. The other is a fun mix of two colours, Bubblegum Bae and Make It Happen, in a dotty design. I even attempted an ombre on the thumb, which I don't think turned out too badly even if I say so myself!

I've been getting great durability out of these which really surprised me - not that Jamberry ever steers me wrong but the process of painting my nails and having it chip is so ingrained that it was hard to be optimistic. This feeling was easily rectified after sailing through the first 24 hours without any chips or dinks, and obliterated by the end of the fornight later when I decided to take it off to change up my look.

These are the new colours that came out with the new catalogue, taking the total up to 19 colours and the clear coat.

Which colour appeals to you the most? To get your hands on this revolutionary new product, and this revolutionary new product on your hands, you can find all the above shades for sale here or get in touch with me.