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New Catalogue

1st September 2017

Before I get to the wraps I need to take a minute to appreciate the new TruShine colours:

I know I'm not allowed to mention the holidays yet, but that red and that green? The shades, the sparkle - I'm all about it.

Anyway, onto the main event - new wraps! *swoon* As I did the top ten wraps I was sad to see go in August, it makes sense that I give you a break down of my top ten brand new wraps that are now available. However, I'm not going to hit you with them all at once - we've already talked Trushine and there is just too much good stuff to take in in one hit. So friends, I present to you... Fern Gully.

Okay, okay - I can't deny that when I read the name of this wrap it hit me right in the nostalgia feels and I would have been biased towards the design regardless... But it just so happens to be gorgeous (and in my favourite colour). Although I don't think it would have made much sense for it to have been anything else than green, it's a great shade and tempered nicely with the black and nude details.

Have you got a favourite in the new catalogue? To get your hands on these wraps, and these wraps on your hands, you can find them here or get in touch with me.