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More New Wraps

7th September 2017

The new catalogue is brimming with new designs that are in keeping with the latest trends and fashion, along with dependable, timeless classics that would compliment any outfit or style. Last time I introduced you to Fern Gully; here are a few more of my personal highlights.

When Pigs Fly ~ I have no qualms about wearing Junior Wraps and this design will be no exception. Look at the cute little piggies!! They might just replace Pandamonium as my favourite junior wrap... I'll have to wait until I wear them to find out.

Meowzers ~ Keeping in line with the cute animals theme, one of the most anticipated wraps amongst my friends. Cats. Astronaut space cats. Seriously I don't have anything else to add, the awesomeness speaks for itself.

Gardenia ~ If you know me at all you'll know this is totally my style, but it's not just me that thinks this wrap rocks. In the first week of sales from the new catalogue it has already secured a spot on the bestsellers list, and I think it will stay there for a while!

Have you got a favourite in the new catalogue? To get your hands on these wraps, and these wraps on your hands, you can find them here or get in touch with me.