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Throwback Thursday

12th August 2017

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Jamberry, but this round of Throwback Thursdays have me full of appreciation for my company even more as they keep bringing back designs I have coveted for so long.

These latest two wraps are no exception - Budding Cobalt has been on my "must haves" list since forever so I for one will be stocking up. Here it is paired with it's Throwback buddy, Herringbone Twist.

Gorgeous, right?

The Budding Cobalt design has a pattern of blossoms in two shades of pink dotted over a deep blue background, while Herringbone Twist is pink and white motif with a distinctive modern edge.

These two wraps are only available from 10th August - 24th August 2017, or while stocks last. I've made the mistake of holding out and therefore missing out in the past, so this time I've made sure to get my order in fast.

If you want to get your hands on this edition of Throwback Thursday, and this edition of Throwback Thursday on your hands, you can place an order through contacting me or placing your own order direct at my online store.