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How can I protect my skin in the winter months?

Prepare; pamper and protect!

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s official – summer is over. Bye bye sunny days, hello frosty mornings. So long shorts and vest tops, welcome woollies and comfy boots. Winter is here, and with it comes conditions that can wreak havoc on your skin.

Image of hand with broken sore skin

As the temperature drops and the air humidity lowers too, we all become more reliant on indoor heating. These factors have a major impact on our skin; weakening its barrier function and leaving it dry, flaky, itchy, irritated, or extra sensitive. Maybe this isn’t even a winter thing for you – some of us struggle with these sorts of things all year round. If this sounds familiar, I have news for you!

Jamberry may may be able to trace it’s humble beginnings in 2010 to unique nail wraps, but take a look at Jamberry in 2017 and it’s clear to see how it has bloomed into an award winning beauty and hand care company. There seems to be an ever-expanding line of quality products being launched, but the biotin-infused hand care lines have been around for a while now as best sellers - and if you try them out it’s not hard to see why!

Photo of Indulgence Hand Care Set IndulgenceJN

There is so much competition in the hand care product market, and Jamberry knew they would have to create something pretty special to make a name for themselves in that space in the beauty world. The Indulgence range of products go well above and beyond regular drug store brands or beauty counter products, but at the same time offer much better value than other direct sales companies’ products which claim to provide rich and indulgent hand care, at a price.

Now infused with Argan and Hemp Seed Oils, our newly formulated Indulgence Hand Care Set includes exfoliating Buff (4 oz.), moisturizing Nourish (4 oz.), hydrating Quench stick (0.6 oz.), and invigorating Cleanse (4 oz.), which is everything you need to keep your hands looking and feeling beautiful. I have a limited supply of Nourish samples available, so if you would like to try it out just get in touch!